Thanksgiving week

21 11 2016

Today is the beginning of thanksgiving week , which for many is filled with preparing the kitchen for all the cooking and for others means getting the travel plans ready for Turkey day ! I myself am cooking for  the boys and their ladies and the two grandbabies this year. I miss the bog family get together we used to have with my moms side of the family. It was the time of year we got to see all the cousins and their children and spend time watching them all play and interact. But as life goes on and we lose members of the family that becomes a lost tradition. I am going to make the most of it by giving my boys the meal and family gathering . Last year I didn’t make dinner. we went to Paul’s brother house and then the next day to his sisters house to spend time with his mom. We will go to her house this year as well the day after thanksgiving and enjoy the food their .

One of our traditions has been to decorate for Christmas the day after and I make turkey sandwiches and hot cocoa, except last year and Paul had the desire to decorate early. That turned out to be a major choice. He cojoled the neighbor into putting up some lights and we gave them the lights, then hours after he finished he was killed in a car wreck on his way home from his brothers house , it devastated us all as he was a huge part of our life. Every memory I have good and bad over the years of  living in this home , he is a part of / He was always there for our boys too , good and bad,





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