I’m Back

18 11 2016

It has been a log time since I have written anything on here. No excuse except I lack motivation most days .  I feel as if this is my therapy almost and boy do I have some issues !!!!

The latest thing to happen was another miscarriage on October 6th this year . 3rd one in in as many years. Good news is I am able to get pregnant on my own without major medical intervention. Bad news is my body doesn’t want me to stay pregnant . Today was a follow up ultrasound for a cyst that they found while doing the ultrasound to confirm the miscarriage was complete. The cyst is still there and the uterine lining is thicker than the doctor feels comfortable with, so she ordered a CA125 test and another ultrasound in six weeks. I am of course going crazy on google and WebMD, and it’s making me worry too much. I do have PCOS and so the cysts are a normal part of that condition, but until recently I haven’t had an issue with the hemorrhagic cysts. So I am assuming my PCOS has reached a point that things are changing, in what way I really don’t know. And now my mind is whirling with they why now am I having these issues and what is wrong questions. And since this is Friday I have the entire weekend to worry and wonder. But if it’s bad news then that could be a good thing .. a few days of not knowing ( see I’m already expecting the worse).